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New to Muthoot Money Transfers? Here are some common customer queries and solutions.


Q1. How do I register?

A. Go to the ‘Register’ tab, fill in all the details and proceed to create a registration request.

Q2. What documents should I attach while registering?

A. We require clearly scanned copies of following documents (via post or email) for registration purpose;

  • Photo ID - Front page of Passport or Driving License
  • Address Proof - Latest Bank Statement (showing name, address, account details) or Utility Bill (council tax/gas bill/electricity/water/land-line)
NOTE: We accept only clearly scanned copies of the documents; we do not accept photos of the same. Attested copies should be sent only via post. Proof of address have to be renewed every year.

Q3. How long does it take to get my log in details?

A. Once we receive the documents, we proceed with the verification & registration. All documentation must be completed before any fund transfer. Electronic Identity Verification checks, will be performed, on data provided, to comply with UK Anti Money Laundering Laws. It is not a credit check.

Q4. I’m not able to attach the documents whilst registration. What do I do next?

A. In such cases, you can send the scanned copies of the documents to along with the registration request number.

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Q5. How do I create a transaction request?

A. Once you have logged in to your online Muthoot account, go to ‘Add beneficiary’ & enter details > Go to Transfer funds> Select beneficiary, channel, amount > Click ‘Proceed’ and finally ‘Transfer’ to save the transaction request.

Q6. After creating the transaction request, how do I transfer money?

A. Transfer funds online to our bank account. It will be displayed at the final stage of your transaction request. Always use your Customer Number/ID as your reference. Funds that are transferred without a reference number will be on hold, until we receive confirmation from the client.

Once you make an online fund transfer, the funds should reach our bank account on the same day, mostly in about 2-3 hours. We will endeavour to contact you in case of non-receipt of funds.
IMPORTANT: Funds should be transferred to us, immediately after the transaction request is created. Undue delay in receiving funds, will result in rejection of transaction request. Repeated instances will result in suspension of Muthoot Online account.

Q7. How long does it take for the fund to reach a bank account in India?

A. Mostly, the funds are credited in the beneficiary accounts by next day. However, we commit for 2-3 working days.

Q8. Can I send money from my spouse/friend’s/business account?

A. No. Third party or business transactions are not allowed. In case of a joint account, we require all the joint Account Holders' photo ID, and latest bank statement showing the names of all account holders.

Q9. Can I transfer fund to a business/charity account?

A. We remit funds for family maintenance/savings. If your purpose of transaction differs from that, for e.g.: business/company accounts, charity institutions etc. charge and rate might vary. Please confirm with our customer-care before proceeding with such transactions.

Q10. Is there any limit for fund transfers?

A. No. As long as you can explain the source of wealth and are able to provide the relevant documentation there is no limit. Please check your online Muthoot account or confirm with our customer care executives for further details. It is our obligation to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Rules (AML & CTF)

Q11. Why are you asking me details about my income , Transaction Purpose, Relation to Beneficiary etc.

A. As part of our commitment towards prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, we might be required to do further checks on identity and details on source of wealth (Enhanced Due Diligence). In such cases, our customer care executives or compliance team will contact you, and guide you on the documents to be submitted before completing your remittance.

Such checks are essential to protect our business from any financial abuse and are required by the regulators and other stakeholders like Banks , Accountants and Auditors.

NOTE: Transactions will be processed only after the satisfactory compliance checks are completed. Until then the funds will be on hold.

Q12. What is the limit for Instant Cash collection?

A. For Instant Cash collection, the maximum amount which can be collected from our branches in India is INR 50,000. If the amount exceeds INR 50,000 the beneficiary will be given a cheque for the same, instead of cash.

Q13. Which exchange rate will be applicable for the transactions?

A. Only the exchange rate shown in our website is applicable for online transactions. Although our rates are displayed in few online newsletters, they may differ from the current exchange rate shown in our website.

Q14. What happens if my fund has returned for any reason?

A. Once a fund has returned, there are two ways to proceed; as per customer request we can either refund the amount or amend the transaction with the correct details. Customers will be required to pay remittance, bank and administration charges on all refunds/amendments.

Q15. What if I have created more than one transaction with the same beneficiary details?

A. If more than one transaction request is created with the same beneficiary details we will consider them as individual transactions and will execute them in the order in which they were created.